• Understanding Bible Genres

  • Bible Study Methods

  • Old Testament Overview

  • New Testament Overview

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"I have put into practice what I learned in this program. I am in charge of the Children's Ministry twice a month & have also taught Bible in my church's private school. I now sit in the pastoral meetings, able to give my opinions on the issues of the church. [From Les & Diana] I learned to serve wherever needed, including the sound board. I continue to work with Lightforce, an Anti Human Trafficking ministry. In VAYA I grew in maturity and learned to be a leader. In particular I learned to listen to God's voice & this guides me to this day."— Daniel S.


  • Worship and devotional life

  • 10 pillars of leadership

  • Relational reconciliation

  • Being naturally supernatural

  • Healing on the streets

"In this program, I learned so much about Bible Theology, including Hermeneutics & Exegesis, among so much else. I learned the importance of reading and the great value of being exposed to other cultures. For the first time I understood living both in abundance & scarcity - too many things to write about. I learned how to have a relationship with God and how to pray for others with love and to support them, regardless of what you are going through yourself."— Maklin G.


  • Reading!

  • Scripture memorization

  • Practice moving in the gifts

  • Praying for others using 5 step prayer model